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Professional Business Support packages that solve problems, reduce stress, enable you to focus on developing your business and help you look after your existing customers and clients for a set fee each month.

Fixed Fee Packages - No Surprises - No Commitment

Reclaim Your Time - Increase Profitability - Focus Not Firefight - 
Create a Sustainable Work/Life Balance - Enable Active Delegation - Bite-Size Project Management Support
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Our Business Support packages focus on the Trades, Professional Services, Health & Beauty and Hospitality &Travel industries. Get in touch today to discuss how our set monthly service packages could help free up your time to focus on growing your business, instead of fire-fighting through each week. 
Fixed Fee Packages - No Surprises - No Commitment

Quotes and Follow-Up Outsourcing

Whether a tradesperson quoting to build an extension, a plumber providing annual servicing or a supplier of goods or services, many business owners spend valuable time visiting potential customers and clients to price up a job and provide a quote, yet often fail to follow up afterwards.

Service follow-up on your quotes and deals with suppliers, could vastly increase your bottom-line profit.

- Follow up with a call on quotes already sent out
- Book appointments for annual services and meetings
- Deal with supplier related queries such as stock delivery and pricing
- Request testimonials from your clients 
- Send out regulatory certificates where required
- Ensure invoices are sent out and subsequently paid
- Social media support provided
- Expense receipts dealt with
- We work with trade software such as Gas Engineers Software(GES) 

Social Media Service

Social Media Marketing raises brand awareness, enabling you to reach your target market, producing content created with your clients in mind. Not having a social media presence is like having a shop front with the lights off and a closed sign over the door. Worst still, an inactive social media presence can give the impression of a business that’s stagnant. 

We turn on the lights to your online shop window. 

- Having an online presence can provide direct access to customers allowing you to contact and stay in touch with them, keeping them up to date with any new product, services or sales
- It helps you build an online community around your brand. Loyal customers can quickly and easily communicate with their own contacts opening up potentially new relationships for you.
- We offer profile set up across the platforms of your choice
- Define your online marketing strategy and create a content marketing calendar based on your businesses needs for the coming year
- Produce the written content and visuals
- Upload the content directly to your website blog page

Customer Care Service

Engagement is the key. Customer Care is about being PROACTIVE not REACTIVE. It’s about building relationships, anticipating what your clients need before they realise they need it, identify problems before they become an issue and giving them the experience, they deserve.

We work with you to create the perfect scenario to engage with your clients. 

- Set up ‘Client Surveys’ to ask your clients want they think about your service/product
- Create Journey Maps for each client
- Pick up the phone and say hi, check how their business is, thank them when you don't have the time
- Engage with them on Social Media
- Your clients and customers are busy people who don’t spend all their time thinking about your company or brand. Sending out a monthly newsletter will encourage your customers to think about you more often than they would normally
- Help you set up VIP clubs for your loyal clients and customers to continue building on great relationships
- Use industry software such as Phorest to engage with your customers and clients on your behalf

Operations Service

Getting caught up in the day to day operations of dealing with budgets, project delivery and strategy of daily operations can prevent a business owner from focusing on how to move the business forward. Tasks such as managing individual projects, dealing with suppliers and finding ways to increase the quality of your customer service will be a drain on your time. 

We will take care of the day to day operations leaving you with the task of building the business, not drowning in it. 

- Purchase materials, and deal directly with your suppliers
- Raise invoices and deal with the credit control
- Deal with client/customers queries
- Create and monitor individual projects including budgets
- Website content writing and updates
- Ensure the customers’ needs are being met and that every day runs smoothly from a customer service perspective
- Researching, preparing and action awards entries
- Diary and appointment setting
- Set up Standard Operational Procedure document for the business

Database Service

Databases that are out of date, inaccurate, and incomplete are holding your business back. We help you drive your business forward by ensuring your database is used productively.

We work with you to create and implement the best use of your database to connect with your clients.

- We will help you to audit your customers data. Build a picture of your customer base; understanding those that share characteristics can help with your marketing.
- Check that your contacts are up to date and obtain any missing information.
- Help you to collect information that it is relevant, practical to collect, and will be useful in the sales and marketing process, this could include personal information such as how a prospect likes to spend their time.
- Structure the data for you, segmenting your customers and clients will help with marketing campaigns and reporting.
- Develop a regular maintenance programme (every 6 months) to ensure that your customer and client data is up to date, done either by phone or email that can include an offering relevant to them.  

Cash flow Improvement Service

While sales are the muscles of a business, cash flow is its life blood, necessary to pay salaries, buy materials, keep the lights on and the doors open. Meeting the expenses and being able to cover overheads whilst still growing the business, can be a challenge. 

We can help you implement certain strategies that should help create a healthier cash flow for your business. 

- Contact your suppliers and ask for better terms based on spend
- Set up a Xero account system so you can access up-to-date financial data at any point - Ensure invoices are raised on time and subsequently followed up if they’re not paid within your terms
- Set up a Receipt bank account enabling you to save money on your accountant’s fees by having your expense receipts dealt with by us
- Arrange where possible for your clients to pay by Direct Debit
- If your product is regularly consumed and repurchased several times a year, look at ways to set up a subscription program in which customers prepay for the product and delivery 

Website Update Service

Changes in the business often occur daily. Waiting on your web developer to fit you in to make changes to your pricing structure, service offering or updating your latest blogs can be problematic from a time perspective and costly depending on the charge per update.

We provide you with regular day-to-day updates you might need, as and when you need them 

- Content creation for your website
- Updates on prices, products and services
- Blogging, copywriting, graphic creation  
- Review of outdated/incorrect information
- - Testing all links, forms and buy buttons for errors and inconsistencies
- Ensuring Google Analytics (or some other statistics program) is in place on all websites
- Sourcing testimonials for inclusion on web pages (as required) 

Workshop/Event Planning Service

Workshops are great for brainstorming, interactive learning, building relationships, and problem-solving. If they're planned well, they can be incredibly valuable for everyone involved. Investing the time ahead of the event will ensure that it has the best chance of being professional and, achieving the required outcomes.

We can help you every step of the way from planning, through implementation and following up, post event. 

- Manage the logistics
- Venue sourcing
- Budgeting and budget Tracking.
- Problem resolution
- Supplier/Service provider comparisons and selection
- Vendor selection
- Venue Infrastructure.
- Post Event Follow up 

Project Management Service

Our clients will generally have a clear idea on the project itself and where they want the project journey to end. It’s our role to manage the journey, the people and tasks that gets them there.  Projects are often put on hold due to a lack of time or resources to complete them, started with good intentions but then left in various stages of completion.

How many projects do you have underway that could make a difference to your bottom line? 

- Creation of a project plan, including timeline, process, people and other resources
- Setup/maintenance of online tools
- Delegating details of the project to various team members
- Communication of on-going project status to all team members
- Following-up with team members  to ensure that “stuff gets done” 
- Managing the budget 
- Handling challenges as they arise

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Jo Ward


A successful business, is largely about the experience we create for our client. A background of 5 years in the corporate world project managing a large client portfolio, followed by 3 years running my own business support company, has given me an understanding of business from both the corporate and small business owner perspective. I am a highly organised and creative individual, trained in credit control with a vast amount of experience in administration and client engagement. I have a can-do attitude, a happy disposition and the ability to successfully keep many plates spinning at any one time.