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We provide support for the Plumbing, Building and Electrical Trades, service providers such as Website Designers & Training and Development companies, Alternative Therapy Clinics, Beauty & Skincare salons and the Hospitality & Travel industries. Our case studies demonstrate how we support a variety of business owners, across a number of industries.

If you don't look after your customers,
it's likely that someone else will. 

Support for the Services Industry

The Service Industry focuses on winning and delivering projects to both specification and agreed timescales. Failing to deliver on a project as agreed, due to a lack of support can lead to a dent in reputation and potentially make or break important relationships with your clients. By improving the client journey, with better processes and a little external support, we help our clients deliver exceptional quality every time.

Mark Williams

Director of sales-mind(UK)Ltd

The company I run sales-mind (UK) Ltd, has been a client of Jo for over 18 months. Being an SME, the service Jo has provided has been invaluable. She has supported the business providing a seamless interaction with clients, proactive and structured operational support and diligent credit control. This has enabled us to focus much more of our time and energy on the key tasks of product service and business development. Without the support that Jo offers we would not have been able to have the stellar year that 2019 was for us.   

Day to day issues for the Industry

- Behind with essential day-to-day work, potentially waiting on outstanding data from clients but no time to follow up
- Coping with seasonal heavy workload such as year-end accounts
- Quarterly workshops need to be set up and managed, dealing with delegates, booking and liaising with venues, travel and hotel bookings required
- Caught up in the chaos of getting the day to day job done,  essential Business Development never makes it to the top of the to-do list
- Updates needed for the website, along with promoting  events using social media and business development

How we can help you

- Engage with your clients and suppliers to ensure the smooth operational day-to-day running of the business
- Project manage events and workshops,dealing with venues, delegates, organising travel and accommodation
- Providing professional support at the busier times of the year such as year-end(5 years’ experience at professional services firm EY LLP)
- Raise invoices and follow up on payments to help manage your cash-flow
- Free up your time to develop and build the business
- Set up and manage your online presence to raise brand awareness 

Support for the Health and Beauty Industry

Focusing on an existing client base instead of constantly striving to gain new clients, enables us to  increase the value and frequency of what, and how we sell to those who already buy from us. Promoting brand awareness, by shining a light on products and treatments, using social media and industry-specific software for the Health and Beauty sector, such as Phorest(used by many salon owners),enables you to strategically target, an already loyal audience. 

Helen Thomas

Owner The Southdown Clinic, Harpenden

Jo has been doing the marketing and social media platform posts for the last couple of years for my multi-discipline complementary health clinic. Jo is always very professional, efficient,knowledgeable and full of great ideas to help me grow the business and attract new clients. It is wonderful to find a marketing expert who really listens to me as a client and then translates into action my thoughts. Love our 'coffee meetings' and always come away full of plans and energy!

Day to day issues for the Industry

- Working long hours with high overheads, highly stressed managing both the business and staff
- Understands that social media is important but no time spare to blog on the trends and ever changing treatments on offer within the industry
- Too busy to consider website updates or business development
- Always looking for new clients and often missing opportunities to look after the existing clientele
- Sitting on an underused database
- Short of time
- Concerned about the competition

How we can help you

- Help with your marketing, using salon-specific software such as Phorest to engage with your existing client base
- Freeing up your time to focus on building the business
- Project manage salon promotional events
- Maintain an ongoing presence on social media to increase brand awareness 
- Contact your customers for feedback and testimonials to be used in future marketing

Support for the Trades

Quality tradespeople are in demand, but the time spent doing the job itself, doesn't leave much time for anything else. Many trades, having taken the time to quote for work, don't then find the time to follow up on the quote. Potentially resulting in lost income, possibly losing out on business to the competition, not to mention the damage to your reputation for not responding to a query. In the chaos of the day-to-day work, essential elements of running the business such as annual servicing, having a social media presence and looking after existing clients often don't make it to the top of the to-do list. 

Jamie Sinclair

Owner SJS Plumbing & Heating Ltd

As a plumbing and heating company I spend a lot of time out and about in my van on the road and at clients homes, so finding time to book on service calls and complete admin tasks can be tricky. Jo took on various admin tasks, including the task of booking in my boiler servicing calls for me using a CRM system with reminder prompts to contact those who have boiler servicing due. Having Jo look after this for me has made this process so much easier. It has firstly meant that as a company we can help our customers keep on top of their yearly servicing which is important for them in retaining their boiler warranties. For me personally, it has also meant that I have the peace of mind of knowing that my boiler servicing is being booked in for me, which frees up my time to be able to spend working within my own skill set of looking after my clients plumbing and heating needs, rather than spending hours on the phone and doing admin tasks. This has enabled me to work more efficiently and effectively, knowing that Jo is taking care of the admin processes behind the scenes. Jo is very professional, efficient and accommodating in the tasks I ask her to do (even organising my Christmas Party) and I would not hesitate to recommend her Business Support Service to others who need help with admin and implementing processes in their business. Thank You so much Jo for helping me to keep my business running behind the scenes  

Day to day issues for the Industry

- You struggle to find the time to book in annual services which then get missed
- You don't have time to respond to customers queries and lose out on potential income and their trust in you
- You're so busy trying to get the job done, there's no time to consider other avenues to promote it, such as social media
- Worrying where the next job will come from has you constantly looking for new business instead of taking care of he ongoing stream of business you already have
- Jobs waiting to be quoted for, if only you could find the time to book them in
- Quotes sent out, if only you had the time to call back to see if the job had been won.

How we can help you

- With access to your diary, we can phone your customers to book in their annual service, at a time that suits you both
- We can send out necessary safety certificates, invoices and other important documentation to your customers
- Follow up with your customers for feedback and testimonials to use in your marketing
- Chase up any unpaid invoices
- Deal with your suppliers and contractors for you
- Manage your social media profile and content
- Book in appointments to quote for potential work
- Call back on outstanding quotes to see if your services are required

Support for Hospitality and Travel Industries

A successful business is largely about the experience we give our clients and this is essential in the hospitality and travel industries. In an industry where relaxation and enjoyment are the end goal, the opportunities to engage are endless, From the visuals of social media marketing, to keeping in touch with an existing client base with monthly newsletters. It's all about engagement.

Paula Newman

Owner, Norbury House Hotel, Ilfracombe

Jo has been brilliant and vital in re-positioning my business. She has reconnected me to my existing clientele, done some amazing industry research that has enabled me to generate new business and supported me using social media. Jo's service is excellent value, she doesn't just do the work you ask of her, she is able to make informed knowledgeable suggestions that build and improve on the initial brief. Very much looking to continuing this working relationship. Highly recommended.

Day to day issues for the industry

- Working long hours, juggling with the day-to-day of running the business
- Fierce local competition but little spare time to work on a strategy to grow the business 
- Recognises the need for a social media presence for brand awareness but unsure how to do this
- Website is outdated, but the web designer doesn't respond to emails to make the changes
- High overheads of rent and staff, likely to be income focused, with a short-term view
- No time to focus on keeping the existing client base feeling loved.

How we can help you

- Free up your time to focus on building the business
- Help with your marketing to engage with your existing client base, using social media increase brand awareness
-Engage with your suppliers
- Project manage getting your website up-to-date
- Engage with your customers with future offers and obtain feedback where possible