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Services for Trades

If you don't look after your customers well enough, it's likely someone else will. 

By looking after your existing customers better, you can increase the value of what you're selling to them, and you can potentially sell to them more often.
We help business owners increase their turnover and profits, by helping them make the most of the customers they already have, reducing the pressure, cost and pain of having to find so many new customers. 

Jamie Sinclair

Owner SJS Plumbing and Heating Limited(BNI Member)

• Testimonial about importance of booking in the services to help maintain his pipeline, provides a level of customer engagement that he doesn’t have time to do, gives him the edge over his competition as he’s able to actively call his customers in advance to book in their upcoming service. They feel like they are being looked after by him.

Day to day issues for the industry

- You struggle to find the time to book in annual services which then get missed
- You don't have time to respond to customers queries and lose out on potential income and their trust in you
- You're so busy trying to get the job done, there's no time to consider other avenues to promote it, such as social media
- Worrying where the next job will come from has you constantly looking for new business instead of taking care of he ongoing stream of business you already have

How we can help you

- With access to your diary, we can phone your customers to book in their annual service, at a time that suits you both
- We can send out necessary safety certificates, invoices and other important documentation to your customers
- Follow up with your customers for feedback and testimonials to use in your marketing
- Chase up any unpaid invoices
- Deal with your suppliers and contractors for you
- Manage your social media profile and content